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Links and - Anthony Weir's excellent websites, author of "Early Ireland a Field Guide", the "CD-ROM Gazetteer" and "Field Guide to Prehistoric Ireland" - An incredible compilation of not only megalithic but historical sites of all kinds from every county. Sites range from the well-known to the remarkably obscure. A wealth of information perfect for planning an itinerary or just for browsing. THis site just keeps getting better and better! - Brian T McElherron's IRISH ANTIQUITIES site that is full of great pictures and information for monuments ranging from neolithic to Plantation Ireland and the Industrial Era. - Folly Publications is the website of author Mike Salter. Mike has written, illustrated and published an amazing collection of books on English Castles, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Castles, English Parish churches, Welsh churches, Isle of Man & Channel Churches and Irish churches, Abbeys and Friaries and other publications of interest. We have all of his books on Irish antiquities and find them to be invaluable references. - Quoted from their website "The Stone Circle was formed in 1980 by a small group of people interested in viewing and recording the Historic Monuments of Ireland. The island has thousands of ancient structures ranging from the great megalithic tombs of the Neolithic Age to the mighty engineering works of the Industrial Revolution. This web site contains accounts of some of our journeys." - a very nice site.


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